Fresh-from-the-oven baking trends

Baked goods

From cookies to croissants, Pinterest is the place to find melt-in-your-mouth recipes and delicious inspiration. Most bakers on Pinterest are women ages 18-34, and with 544 million Pins about cakes they definitely have a sweet tooth. Desserts may be favored in the kitchen, but there are plenty of pizza lovers too—Pinners are also looking for savory dish ideas.

To whip Pinners into a baking frenzy, pay attention to these piping hot trends. Pins about southern breakfast are up 72% since last year with nearly 6,000 Pins per day. And hold the gluten—with almost 350,000 Pins daily, the gluten-free trend has grown 70% in the past 12 months.

baked goods infographic

As the weather turns colder, Pinners turn to Pinterest with searches for baked goods peaking September through December. Take a look at last year’s seasonal trends:

Remember Pinners are planners, and these bakers are no exception. We see recipe searches as early as June, so promote your seasonal baking Pins early to engage Pinners that are planning ahead for the holiday season.

—Thea Carp, currently saving ideas to​ origami me