Four ways Pinterest can help maximize holiday retail sales

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Beat the rush

Start using Pinterest to promote your brand now! Early autumn is the perfect time to reach shoppers on Pinterest because they use the platform as a starting place for making shopping decisions. A recent Neustar MarketShare study revealed that Pinterest has a higher ratio of first to last touches among marketing channels, and the highest ratio relative to other platforms.1

By reaching shoppers before holiday season is in full swing, you can position your brand as an early gift contender. And early exposure helps build preference for your brand before consumers are distracted by competitors.

The same Neustar research found that 40% of the customers reached on Pinterest were new to the brands advertising on the service.2 And Pinterest was 30% more effective in generating sales.3

Stay to the end

The media landscape has reshaped the way people shop for gifts, and digital shopping is at the top of the list. In fact, 71% of shoppers say they like searching for gifts online.3 That said, holiday shoppers might research great gift ideas all season, but many wait until the last minute to buy. Some hope to catch a sale offer, and others want to be sure they’ve found the perfect gift. Improved shipping and delivery times are also influencing people to pull the trigger on purchases later in the season.

By using Pinterest marketing tools, you can stay in front of your best customer from the moment of inspiration to the point of purchase.

Follow your target

Connect with, influence and inspire your best customers with strategic targeting. By getting your brand in front of people based on what they like, you’ll earn a spot on their consideration list early in the holiday shopping process.

With 50% of impressions on Pinterest happening in home feeds, interest based targeting helps build your brand with new audiences.4 Once you’ve found your best customers, you can use actalike targeting  to find others just like them. You can even retarget Pinners who’ve engaged with your Pins or visited your website later in the season by personalizing content just for them.

Get creative

Help shoppers discover your brand by offering great creative over multiple touch points. Try a combination of Promoted Video Pins to inspire shoppers, followed by Promoted Pins to continue the relationship and make the sale. And try retargeting your Promoted Pins to gain sales momentum from people who’ve already shown interest in your brand.

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—Amy Veneer, currently saving ideas to our next family member


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