Fine-tune your Promoted Pin campaigns for performance

Fine-tune your Promoted Pin campaigns for performance

Squaring up your options

When looking at your performance goals and your spend, it can be helpful to think about these four scenarios. Which does your campaign or ad group fall into?

Once you know where you stand, it’s time to think about what adjustments you might want to make to your campaign. There are six different categories you can run tests and experiments in: your products, your landing page experience, your ad creative, your ad formats, your bids and budgets, and how you’re targeting your ads.


Always start by refining your creative

Is it mobile-optimized?                        

Make sure all text is legible on the small screen by adjusting font size

Do you have an effective vertical aspect ratio?                       

Ideal dimensions are 600 x 900 pixels

Have you got detailed descriptions?

Try to describe your product or brand in vivid and descriptive terms

Are you using text overlays?

Use text on Pin images to convey details and offers about the product

Did you include a call to action?

Give people a clear action to take—like shop, try, learn or buy

Does your image show multiple products?

Try showing different products in a similar theme, or the same product in different styles

Tips to grow your audience

Expand your targeting

This is one way to increase the people you can reach. For example: If you ship to US and Canada, expand your targeting to include Canada. If you’ve been targeting a specific gender, try targeting everyone instead, since targeting on Pinterest is based more on someone’s behavior (using interests or search keywords).

Add creative and increase relevance

Another way to reach a broader audience is testing new creative images and different content you’re looking to promote. There are lots of different creative styles, product lines, types of text overlays and ad formats you can try.

Increase your bids

This helps you make sure you’re competitive enough to reach all (or as much) of your audience.

Increase your budgets

Increasing your overall budgets helps you reach more of your audience.

Tips to increase conversion rates

To increase your conversions, first optimize your creative. You’ll also want to look at the landing page experience potential customers have when they get to your website, as well as your signup strategy.

You can also try reallocating your spend to your highest performing Promoted Pins. Increase budget for your top Pins, then focus on making further adjustments at the Pin level.

Hitting all your goals? Scale up!

Increase CTR with improved targeting and more relevant terms, so you expand the audience for what’s working!

Also, cut low performers. For example, if you have a Promoted Pin of a gold ring and you're targeting “jewelry,” “gold jewelry,” “rings,” ” cute rings,” “accessories” and “gifts”—cutting “rings” and “cute rings” from your keyword list probably won't impact performance. However, cutting out “gifts,” if it's not performing well, may be worth it.

Lastly, if you’re already hitting goals but want to scale up keep an eye on your bids. Consider lowering your bids before refining your targeting. This way you can maintain coverage across a broad audience and hit daily spend caps.

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