Fall appetizers, hanging decor and other October trends

person with sweater vest
Fashionistas do their history homework

Throwback styles are hitting hard this October. People are digging 70’s patterns and textures, like plaid (saves up 112% this year) and embroidery (saves up 51%). We’re also seeing more searches for wide leg pants (up 89%).

90’s wannabes are crushing the look with crushed velvet from head to toe. Velvet clothing saves are up 31%, while velvet shoes are up 44%. We’re seeing a fishnet revival, too: fishnet saves are up 318% this year.  

Cut from a new cloth

Both shibori and indigo-dyed mud cloth have been trending for the past year. As we head into fall, mud cloth designs are seeing an additional spike. Mud cloth saves are now up 550% year over year, with neutral and natural designs especially popular.

Getting the hang of it

From college dorms to country homes, everyone has space for hanging decor. As a whole, hanging decor saves are up 72% this year. As we shift into fall, we’re seeing more activity around hanging greenery and decorative branches.

Makeup goes metallic

This makeup trend gives a new meaning to heavy metal. People are taking a shine to metallic and glittery makeup, from metallic lipstick (saves up 118%) to copper eyeshadow (up 30%).  

Time for fall flavors

It’s not all about pumpkin spice. Fall menus promise so much more—and appetizers are particularly popular right now. Some of the top recipes so far include cinnamon apple chips (58k saves), baked figs with goat cheese (14k saves), stuffed butternut squash (20k saves) and this autumn minestrone soup (15k saves).

—Eric Wahlgren, currently saving to things I love but don’t really need