Express your brand story: A new Promoted Video option

A new Promoted Video option
Tell your story on a rich new canvas

Now, less than 3 months since we launched Promoted Video, we’re testing a new auto-play version of the experience. With this feature, your video jumps right into action as soon as a Pinner discovers it.

Brands advertising with this kind of Promoted Video can create an episodic viewing experience. With additional videos that run alongside the primary video, you can create a playlist of ideas. When someone is done watching your first video, the next starts playing automatically. In this way, people on Pinterest get a series of ideas from your brand.

Promoted Video helps business get results

We recently started testing this engaging new format with a handful of businesses and agencies in the US and UK—including American Express, The Home Depot, Macy’s and Sony Pictures, with more to come!

“Pinterest gives our clients the ability to reach audiences in the moment where they’re looking for inspiration and ideas from brands to incorporate into their everyday life. It’s exciting to be able to connect intent-driven audiences with Pinterest Promoted Video, helping our clients provide prospective customers with an immersive experience that drives action. The multiple video showcase and autoplay features open up new ways to tell our clients’ stories to the valuable Pinterest audience.” — Joshua Lowcock, Chief Digital Officer, UM

Spotlight new ideas in a curated space

Auto-play Promoted Video will appear in a new section we’re launching today called Pinterest Explore. Every day, Explore presents picks from top tastemakers, industry experts and even our own Pinterest employees, who crowdsource the best ideas using a combination of what Pinners are loving today and what’s happening in the world around us.

Now Pinners have a daily destination to visit and catch up on the best of Pinterest. By offering your best content in a space tailored to appeal to the Pinners viewing it, your content will be hard to miss, providing a unique opportunity to meet your business goals.

Motivate your audience to act and tell your story in a fresh new way. Start testing with Promoted Video today!

—Jenny Chiu, currently trying ideas from Jewels