Evaluate your Promoted Pin performance in Ads Manager

 Evaluate your Promoted Pin performance in Ads Manager

Your money matters

Your ad dollars are important, and we want you to get the most out of what you spend.

Ads Manager has many reporting features to help you see where your money is going. In this post you’ll learn some important things to look for and where to find them in Ads Manager.

Our main metrics


Clickthrough rate reflects the number of clicks to your website you get per paid impression.  



Engagement rate reflects the total number of engagements you get—including taps on your Pin to get a closer look, clicks through to your website and saves—per paid impression.



Use the Pinterest Tag to track the number of actions completed on your website—including purchases, sign-ups, downloads and more—that can be attributed to Promoted Pins.



Your effective cost per action reflects the total you’ve spent per conversion gained.



Your return on ad spend is the total income your ads have generated divided by your total spend.

Want to learn more about some of the terms you’re seeing in Ads Manager? Take a look at our glossary of ad reporting terms.

More graphing options

We’re regularly updating and improving Ads Manager. Recently, we introduced a graph you can customize, making it easier to compare metrics and see trends in your campaigns.

Delivery metrics

Your delivery metrics show your reach and overall performance.

Review these metrics to see how often your Promoted Pins have appeared on Pinterest (impressions), and your cost per one thousand impressions (CPM). Your total engagements, engagement rate and CPE (cost per engagement) will help you get a sense of how much interaction your Promoted Pins are getting.

And you can always export your graph if you prefer to view these numbers in a spreadsheet.

Performance metrics

Your performance metrics tell you how effective your campaigns are. Here’s where you can take a closer look at conversions, CPA and ROAS.

A few good to knows:

  • Click on the + sign to expose more columns

  • Conversions are available in the performance preset

  • Some presets will impact the metrics available  in the drop downs

  • Custom views are saved to your browser, which means you can't share the view across all account users

Custom metrics

If you want to try customizing the metrics in your view, just click on the view drop down menu.

Then you can customize all types of views, including performance, delivery and more.

You can also adjust your attribution windows to 30/30/1—that’s 30 days for clicks, 30 days for engagements and 1 day for views. This is the best way to start getting a more accurate picture of your Promoted Pin performance. Just click on settings and expand your attribution windows to see how more conversions roll in over time.

Take a look at our glossary of conversion metrics to learn more about the conversion metrics you’re seeing in Ads Manager.

More metrics-related resources

Want to find out even more about the reporting options on Pinterest and how to make the most of all these metrics? We’ve got a webinar you’ll be interested in: Optimizing campaigns and measuring success on Pinterest.

Or, dive right in and see how your campaigns are performing