Enhancements for even more targeted campaigns

Enhancements for even more targeted campaigns
Create campaigns based on interactions with your Pins

Retargeting on Pinterest helps grow your business, and now you’ve got more ways to do it. Using Ads Manager, you can create an audience and retarget five specific actions: clicks, comments, saves, likes and closeups. You can also create an audience built on people’s interest in a specific Pin that links to your website.

By identifying people who’ve interacted with your campaigns in the past, you can reach them in the future with content personalized just for them. For example, you might create an action-based campaign by targeting someone who’s saved one of your Pins with the next story in your campaign. People who’ve clicked on a Pin are 4.4x more likely to take action on that Pin in the future, so this kind of retargeting creates a lot of potential for new business. All you need is a confirmed website to get started.

Dynamically retarget visitors to your website on Pinterest

Our latest enhancements make it possible for you to take advantage of the traffic and engagement you get on your own website, too. Once you add the Pinterest tag to your site, you’ll be able to create audiences to retarget on Pinterest based on the things people do on your site—like browsing a category, adding an item to their shopping cart, or signing up for your services.

Now it’s also possible to create audiences from the data associated with actions people take on your site. If someone browsed a category on your site or made a purchase over a specific amount, it’s easier for you to show them the Promoted Pins they’ll find relevant. For example, you could identify people who’ve viewed the outdoor furniture on your website and show them a Pin displaying a dreamy backyard setting full of products they might find interesting.

A simple way to get started is by using specific URLs from pages on your site—like your checkout or confirmation page—and then retargeting the people on Pinterest who’ve visited those pages in the past.

Reach new audiences in more effective ways

Be sure to check out this latest round of enhancements to the audience creation options on Ads Manager. We’ve made it easier than ever for you to design highly personalized, more compelling campaigns and reach the many people on Pinterest who want to find or shop for products.

—Frank Fumarola, currently saving ideas to Halloween Couples Costumes