Embed bigger Pins on your site

Lauren Frederick
Drink Pins

Putting Pins on your blog or website is a great way to add eye-catching content and get people to explore your Pinterest profile. But for a long time you could only embed Pins in one size: 237 pixels wide.

Now the Pin widget comes in three sizes, up to 600 pixels—and it automatically adjusts to fit any screen. Plus, early tests from Huffington Post have shown that these new larger Pin widgets are more click-worthy. After giving the larger Pins a try, their clickthrough rates increased by 8x.

To get started, grab the link to your Pin and head over to our widget builder. Or if you’re on Pinterest and come across something you want to add to your site, just tap the three-dot icon on the Pin, then Embed.

—Lauren Frederick, currently saving ideas to Artsy Fartsy