Dear Abby: What are your best practice tips for Pinterest campaigns?

Dear Abby
When's the best time to promote my Pins?

Earlier than you might think! Pinners are planners—we typically see search activity begin up to 3 months before a holiday or event, earlier than any other platform. This gives you more opportunity to market seasonally-inspired content, and we recommend you start promoting Pins early with this timeframe in mind. But don’t worry if you’re behind—Pinners continue saving ideas for seasonal moments right up until the last minute.

How long should I run a Pinterest campaign?

One of the benefits of Pinterest is that Pins last forever. To understand if your Pins are staying fresh or growing stale, pay attention to your clickthrough and engagement rates. If you see numbers decreasing that’s a signal it may be time to add new creative.

This is especially true for seasonal messaging—a Fourth of July Pin will perform well in May, but performance will likely decline after July. In general, seasonal messaging can be very powerful during specific timeframes, but broader messaging may have longer staying power.

What content should I promote?

If you’re not sure what Pins to promote start with the ones that have the most engagement. Pick Pins that have a high number of views, clicks and repins from your profile analytics. We recommend creating Pins that have vertical images with text overlays and rich descriptions that give Pinners an idea of how to take action on your Pin. Check out our creative best practice guide for more tips on creating content that catches Pinners’ attention.

How do I track conversions?

Because people use Pinterest to find ideas for this weekend’s potluck or next month’s birthday party, it can take a longer time for them to convert on Pinterest than other advertising platforms. If you’re looking to drive online conversions—whether it’s quality traffic, new customer acquisition or online purchases—we recommend that you use the Pinterest conversion tag to help you measure the impact of your Promoted Pins. You can access “cross device reporting”, which will help you understand where Pinners engage with your content and where they ultimately purchase. All of these insights will help you track conversions and optimize your campaign targeting and setup.

How do I know if my ads are successful?

Your primary measure of success ultimately depends on your business goals. Benchmark against your own historical performance to understand the impact of your optimizations or changes in strategy. For example, to understand how Pinterest is contributing to your revenue goals, you can set up the conversion tag to return order value and quantity to calculate metrics such as return on ad spend or average order value.

-Abby Fromm, currently saving ideas to Nomsicles