Dear Abby: How do traffic and engagement campaigns work for Pinterest Ads?

woman at desktop computer with Pinterest Ads Manager dashboard

We recently opened up the Pinterest Ads Manager to all U.S. businesses, so to help you get started, our Promoted Pins expert Abby Fromm is back to answer common questions from businesses. (Don’t miss her first Q&A about general Pinterest for Business questions!)

Q: What’s the difference between traffic and engagement campaigns?

A: With both types of campaigns, we’ll boost your Pins so they’re seen by more people. The way they work is just a bit different:

If your main goal is to get people to go to your website or drive sales, start a traffic campaign. You can also track what people do on your site after they leave Pinterest by setting up conversion tags.

If you want to know a bit more about how people are interacting with your Pins, choose engagement campaigns instead. Engagement campaigns are named that way because they help you track whenever someone has engaged with your Pin through a closeup, save or click. This is helpful if you want to better understand what people want to do with your ideas.

Q: How much do Promoted Pins cost?

A:  With traffic campaigns you only pay when someone clicks through to your site. And similarly, with engagement campaigns you pay when someone engages with your Pin through closeups, saves or clicks.

However, you decide how much you want to spend each day for each campaign—you’ll never spend more than the daily budget you set for it.

Q: Which Pins should I promote?

A: Pick a Pin that’s already doing well on Pinterest—you can see which Pins have gotten the most views, clicks and saves on analytics. (Just make sure that your Pin is following our Advertising Standards.)

If you promote multiple Pins in a campaign, our system will take the Pin that’s performing the best and show it the most often.

—Abby Fromm, currently Saving to Nomsicles