Creative spotlight: The Home Depot

The Home Depot Pinterest

Building insights

“We saw that people on Pinterest were seeing before and after pictures, but they weren’t really sure about how to get from Point A to Point B,” said Raashi Rosenberger, a Creative Strategy Lead at Pinterest, who worked on the campaign with the agency 22squared. This insight fueled the entire development of the campaign.

“To show them how to get them from Point A to Point B, they did what the Home Depot does,” she said. “They built something.”

Take a look at Built-in Pins in action!

Sanders Hearne
Creative Director, 22squared
“We challenged ourselves to focus on things that worked really well on Pinterest. We were taking into account how people use it and the state of mind they’re in because you want it to be right for their experience.”

360° transformation

What they built was a groundbreaking campaign of “Built-in Pins” on Pinterest that showed people the process of transforming a bare space into a finished one. The campaign consisted of short time lapse videos and 360-degree Pins, the first ever on the platform. The videos featured a couple transforming four rooms—a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom—by doing everything themselves, from stripping carpet and painting walls to arranging furniture.

Pinterest provided 22squared with insights about which rooms were most popular on the platform and what paint colors were currently trending (greige and blush pink). 22squared came up with the concept, and a key part was designing with Pinterest in mind.

The 360-degree Pins, the first ever on Pinterest, allowed people to virtually enter a Pin of a finished room and click to learn more about a particular product like a set of curtains or a sink that they could then purchase directly with “Shop Now” buttons.

Sanders Hearne
Creative Director, 22squared
“So much of what happens when people are advertising on different platforms, it's one off, quick stuff, and we do a lot of that too. But this was a really great example for us of a big idea in the platform, made for a platform.”

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—Andy Holton, saving to Vacations