Creative spotlight: Starz

Starz TV actors
Great adaptations

Starz has become a leader in converting popular novels into successful TV series. Outlander, The White Princess, The Spanish Princess, White Queen, Dublin Murders, The Rook and American Gods are a few of the most notable.

During the 2019 holiday season, the network wanted to promote all of their book-to-TV shows together. So, they set out to create a stand-alone branding campaign that would speak to that strength.

David Muehl, VP of Digital Marketing
“Pinterest was the perfect platform for this campaign. We reached our best audiences with advanced targeting, and the interactive Pin Extension that Ceros created for us allowed people to explore our full catalog of adaptations at once.”
Virtual living room

The challenge was explaining and illustrating the concept to people who may not have known that some of their favorite books came to Starz—or that some of their favorite shows were based on books.

First, Starz partnered with Ceros, a Pinterest creative technology partner. Together, they developed an innovative, first-to-market campaign that centered on an interactive Pin Extension to bring the concept to life in a visually immersive way.

The Pin Extension is a web page that allows Pinners to explore a variety of top shows from Starz in a living room-like setting with a TV hanging on the wall above a bookshelf. The TV plays a trailer promoting all of the shows, while the full bookshelf features clickable book covers for each one that, when selected, play a dedicated trailer in the virtual TV and offer more details. The innovative experience reinforced the idea that great books—and Starz—make great TV.

Most likely to watch

Starz knew that their target audience is on Pinterest. Almost all Pinners (94%) subscribe to a TV programming service, whether through traditional cable/satellite company or a streaming platform1. Among the 60 million monthly Pinners actively engaging with Entertainment content on Pinterest2, 67% have discovered a new movie or TV series here on a weekly basis.

To ensure they reached the people most likely to tune in, Starz used interest and keyword targeting to connect with book fans, book clubs and drama fans. They also targeted a custom audience of people who had engaged with previous Starz campaigns.

Pinterest is where people find inspiration and discover ideas that align with their interests. Starz’s novel approach to this branding campaign helped the network truly connect with their audience, likely making a lasting impression.


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