Creative spotlight: Samsung

Samsung hardware

A holiday partnership

During the holiday season, Samsung and Pinterest partnered to highlight how Samsung home appliances could help make the holidays a bit more manageable—and maybe even help customers find a moment of calm amidst the chaos.

Whether it was guided meditations, visualizing cooking the perfect side dish in a double oven, or simply the calming tumble of laundry inside a dryer, the campaign identified unique product features that could help Pinners find a brief respite from the hectic holidays.

Mindful marketing

As 91% of tech/telecom Pinners say they have made a purchase based on seeing tech/telecom from brands on Pinterest, Samsung knew their audience was on the platform.1

To reach their target audience, the team devised a clever campaign around a guided meditation concept. The resulting witty and lighthearted series of max. width video ads paired calming imagery of Samsung products with soothing voices. The narration described difficult situations—accommodating guests with dietary restrictions, escaping in-laws—and their pain-free resolution thanks to the appliances’ advanced features. Every ad ended with the suggestion to “Find your holiday happy place.”

The accompanying standard ads all used the same Holiday Meditations headline, plus fun copy describing relatable scenarios involving the featured appliance.

Samsung took care to launch each video episode during stressful holiday moments. They targeted keyword search concepts such as hosting Thanksgiving, stress-free entertaining, hosting tips and tricks, make-ahead appetizer ideas and others. 

The empathetic approach to this campaign helped the Samsung team connect with their audience by showing their products’ benefits.


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