Creative spotlight: Old Spice

Woman wearing deodorant in her ponytail
DIY humor

The ad agency decided the best way to reach these moms was with a humorous tongue-in-cheek approach towards both moms and DIY culture. The campaign featured Pins of projects made of Old Spice containers, including a birdhouse, a Christmas ornament, and a bell jar arrangement. It was the kind of DIY thing one could almost imagine finding on Pinterest.

The Pins were accompanied by cheeky description copy such as “Old Spice deodorant, great for keeping your son smelling good. Not so great for a DIY birdhouse” and “Put a stick of deodorant in a mason jar for a rustic look, I guess.”

In on the joke

The response to the ads didn’t surprise the team at Wieden+Kennedy. “Our posts had really great engagement rates and we saw a lot of positive feedback,” said Ashley Davis-Marshall, Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy.

Ashley Davis-Marshall
Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy
“We think the best humor comes from uncovering the best insight and then making a joke about that insight in a surprising way that’s never been done before.”
Creative (and comic) gold

If you look at most ads, moms are pretty badly stereotyped,” said Davis-Marshall. “Even now, moms are portrayed as made-up, cleaning-with-a-smile, soccer-driving, yoga-doing robots.”

Humor can sometimes be a hard note to strike in an ad, but when it’s done well, it can be gold for an advertiser. It’s also a popular category for organic behavior on Pinterest, according to Holton. He advises brands aiming for laughs to be authentic to their voice and have copy that contextualizes the visual for the audience.

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—Raashi Rosenberger, saving to beauty