Creative spotlight: Comcast

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Focus on possibilities

In early 2019, Comcast wanted to increase awareness of their growing portfolio of smart-home products. They wanted to show people what was possible with their offerings and drive both excitement and engagement.

Comcast looked to Pinterest because it’s a platform where people go to discover ideas for the home: 56 million Pinners are actively engaging with home content on Pinterest.1 People also come to Pinterest to research tech and telecom products and plan big life moments like moving, buying a home and having a baby.

All are opportunities for thinking about the home and making decisions. In fact, 91% of Pinners who use Pinterest for tech/telecom discovery made a purchase based on seeing tech/telecom content from brands on Pinterest.2

Justin Silva, Senior Manager, Media Strategy & Planning
“People look to Pinterest when they’re making changes to their homes, so we knew it was a perfect fit. We wanted to show people what’s possible with smart home tech now. Doing a Pinterest campaign assured us we’d reach people when they’re moving, buying a home or planning for a new baby, and making these kinds of decisions.”

Home smart home

Comcast worked with Pinterest and Matterport to create an interactive, virtual tour of a smart home. The online experience allows people to explore all the exciting possibilities available within the Xfinity portfolio of products for the home.

To create the experience, Comcast rented a house in San Francisco and outfitted it with a full array of smart home tech. Matterport captured a 360-degree digital rendering of each room in the house. The result is an online, self-guided tour with clickable hotspots that show Xfinity products in a real world smart home use case. Hotspots allowed users to click through to learn more about each product.

Comcast also worked with digital design firm The Online Studio to create six Pins, each highlighting a different product benefit, such as better video streaming, parental controls and a home security app. 

They tapped into Pinners’ curiosity about Smart Home technology by showcasing the Xfinity products in a home environment. Actionable copy encouraged Pinners to visualize using the products in their own homes. Clear, concise and traffic-focused CTAs drove Pinners through to the Matterport experience. 

The team also created three video ads that served as gateways to the virtual tour experience, inviting viewers to “Tap Pin to explore.”

Since people could “walk through” the house and see all the products in their respective rooms, the experience brought the smart home idea to life for the 5 million Pinners actively engaging with electronics content on Pinterest.3

In fact, tech/telecom Pinners find that content from brands enhances their Pinterest experience—69% of tech/telecom Pinners use Pinterest to discover tech/telecom products in their path to purchase.


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