Creative spotlight: Absolut

Absolut cocktail drinks on Pinterest
Tradition with a twist

“Spirit brands traditionally go for a recipe or a food pairing on the platform. Absolut Lime flipped that on its head,” said Raashi Rosenberger, a Creative Strategy Lead at Pinterest, who worked on the campaign with Absolut and digital agency 360i. “They knew they wanted to feature a cocktail, and this was a unique way of putting a drink together.”

The Lime Drop Promoted Video Pin is part of a campaign that Absolut, a leading brand of premium quality vodka, ran on Pinterest from April through June to promote their Lime flavored vodka. They had a specific goal in this campaign of reaching millennial vodka drinkers on the platform and they figured the best way was to literally make a splash. To do so, Absolut and 360i focused on creating fresh, simple drinks out of high quality ingredients.

Take a look at the (exploding) action!

Simon de Beauregard
Senior Brand Manager, Absolut
“From our insights on premium vodka occasions, we knew that our target audience was looking for inspiration around key casual at-home gatherings. We showcased easy to make cocktails like our Vodkarita, and surprised our consumers with how simple the ingredients are by making them jump and explode.”
How to make a creative impact

Alden Millar, Senior Account Manager at 360i says of the attention-grabbing content, “We wanted to disrupt their feeds. However, we wanted to do so in an accessible way, empowering people to make these drinks at home. Capturing our real ingredients exploding in slow motion, rather than faking through CGI allowed us to really highlight the refreshing nature of the cocktails and the simplicity of the recipes.”

One of the reasons the campaign is so impactful, according to Corinne Bolanos, a Creative Strategist at Pinterest, is that it’s clear the creative was designed with Pinterest in mind.

“Many brands end up with a square video that they might repurpose on Pinterest,” Bolanos explained. But not this one. The Absolut Lime content was shot vertically and fits perfectly into a Pin. Bolanos advises others who want to elevate their creative on the platform to add at least 30 minutes to their shoot and reorganize their set so that their video will fit well into the vertical format and look fantastic on the platform.

This campaign also succeeds in branding its content clearly. On other platforms, brands sometimes try to blend in so people don’t notice their ads. On Pinterest, people come to the platform looking for ideas and welcome brand content. “Brands are trusted sources on Pinterest and it’s important for your content to be branded,” said Bolanos.

Simon de Beauregard
Senior Brand Manager, Absolut
“In order to maximize engagement and conversion, we focused on creating content in conjunction with our consumer insights and platform behaviors. Our campaigns are designed to encourage people to enjoy Absolut Lime online, but also inspire them to experience the product at-home too.”
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—Andy Holton, saving to Vacations