Charlie's Angels: Inspiration in action

Charlie's Angels
Scouting looks and locations

The Charlie’s Angels media franchise began as an original TV show back in 1976 and has since been remade into several feature films. Elizabeth Banks wanted to update the franchise for today’s audiences and celebrate real women heroes.

An avid Pinterest user, Elizabeth looked to the platform to find and organize ideas for breathing new life into the classic storyline. To start the conversation with her production team, she created secret boards for locations where they might shoot the film, architecture that would lend the right feel to various scenes, looks and style for the cast and more. 

Pinterest sat down with Elizabeth and the Angels to talk further about the role Pinterest played during the creation process of the film.

Elizabeth Banks
Director & Screenwriter, Charlie's Angels
When I reimagined a Charlie's Angels for today, I used Pinterest for inspiration and to communicate with my teams about what the movie could look like. I came across architecture, street styles and hair ideas, all of which you'll see in the movie. It was a natural extension of our work as we focused on creating something that would be entertaining for everyone but also feel important to women and girls without restrictions on the opportunities available for them.
Awareness, empowerment and tickets

In addition to finding inspiration on Pinterest, Elizabeth and her partners at Sony Pictures recognized the power of Pinterest to reach and inspire their primary audiences of moviegoers, action genre fans, and more specifically, Charlie’s Angels franchise fans. Globally, Pinterest has 68 million Pinners who engage with movie content every month1, 43 million action genre fans2 and 11 million Charlie’s Angels fans3.

Their goal was to drive awareness of this new iteration, but also engage audiences around the world, especially females, with empowering messages. The combination of Pinterest’s unique visual format and its reach—Pinterest reaches half (50%) of all people who have attended at least one movie in the last month4—made it the perfect vehicle.

Buzz creation

Working with Pinterest, the team developed a multi-prong strategy to get the word out. Leveraging the power of Pinterest organic distribution, they created a variety of custom content featuring the cast and pinned it to their Charlie’s Angels Profile.

In a perfectly timed move, Elizabeth also opened up her previously secret style board Charlie’s Angels – Street Style: Angel Attitude to the general public just in time to inspire Pinners looking for Halloween costume inspiration.

To ensure their content reached audiences at the scale they were looking for, Sony promoted max. width videos to increase awareness. The ad mix also included standard video Pins optimized to drive traffic to their ticketing site.

Stepping into the limelight

The team brought this amazing collaboration story to life off of Pinterest as well. Charlie’s Angels, Elizabeth Banks and Pinterest all cross-shared content across Instagram and Facebook, and promoted the story across a variety of digital and outdoor channels.

Charlie’s Angels have officially gotten the call from 2019—and they’re on the case.


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