Big things coming to Promoted Video

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Taking Promoted Video to the max

Two years ago, we launched the first version of Promoted Video on Pinterest. Since then, people on Pinterest have tuned in to watch high-quality videos so they can find ideas, make decisions and do what they love. When you think about the mindset and behavior on Pinterest, it’s no surprise that people say that videos from brands on Pinterest add to the experience (1.6x) and that they are more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video (2.6x). 1

We’ve been working with businesses to find ways to build onto the strong foundation of Promoted Video with a new max. width video format that we’re beginning to test with advertisers.

Max out, stand out!

With Promoted Video at max. width, your video stands out to drive impact and brand awareness. The format is easy to spot; it spans wider than our standard format in feeds and in search on mobile, so people can sit back and watch your story.


People on Pinterest really are more interested in videos from brands than on other platforms. 67% of Pinterest video viewers say that videos on Pinterest inspire them to take action. In contrast, only 32% of people say that about other platforms.2

Hitting the big screen now

We’re testing the new video format with advertisers such as adidas, Kohl’s, American Express, Tropicana, Chevrolet, P&G, and Paramount Pictures this summer. The format is available in both 16:9 and 1:1 aspect ratios so brands can try new and existing creative. In a recent study, we’ve found that both brand storytelling and instructional videos (like how-tos or demos) resonate with Pinners3, making it easy for brands to share different types of content on Pinterest.


Shannon Petranoff,
SVP Digital Marketing, Paramount Pictures
“Following the success of past video campaigns, we’re excited to be one of the first to partner on this product in order to reach Pinterest’s huge community of movie fans. Mission: Impossible Fallout is the perfect fit as this movie has something for everyone, much like Pinterest.”

Twice the video formats, twice the fun

Brands have already been successful using Promoted Video to drive brand favorability and purchase intent. Promoted Video will soon be available in the new max. width format alongside the current standard format.

Look for this new option in your Ads Manager later this year. Or if you’ve been working with a Pinterest sales rep or Pinterest Marketing Partner, you can reach out now to start planning your fall video campaigns.



–Nancy Jeng, currently saving to Best Coast Summer Bucket List



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2US Smartphone Video Landscape (June 2016). Blinded study, commissioned by Pinterest and hosted by 3rd party research firm

3Neurons Inc eye tracking study, May 2018 commissioned by Pinterest