Babies are booming on Pinterest (and so can your business!)

That little bundle of joy is a big opportunity for businesses on Pinterest! Pinners, in particular, have babies on the brain: In the past year, they’ve run 1.2 billion baby-related searches, saved 1 billion Pins, and created 5.1 million baby boards.

Compared to the average online consumer, people on Pinterest are 9x more likely to plan to get pregnant or have a child in the next 6 months, and 47% of them will turn to Pinterest for help when they do, according to Millward Brown.

If your brand is there for them as they go from bump to baby, you can spark new consumer habits and earn their brand loyalty at a pivotal market entry point. Once Pinners become parents, their purchasing power surges: Mom Pinners are 30% more likely than non-moms to buy products they discover on Pinterest, according to Ahalogy. That’s significant, since more than half of all moms are on Pinterest!

Here are tips to help you connect with new parents at every stage:

  • Before baby’s big debut: Expecting moms and dads are busy creating registries, discovering new baby brands, and getting ready for the little one’s arrival. Popular Pins center around celebrations like baby showers and baby reveals, education about newborn must-haves like diapers and wipes and inspiration for everything from nursery ideas to diaper bag organization. Connect with parents at this stage by helping them plan what they’ll need for themselves (“What should I pack in the hospital bag?”) and their babies (“Which natural baby products should I try?”). Think healthy pregnancy snacks, baby shower ideas, and newborn essentials.
  • After baby arrives: This stage is all about survival! New moms want real-time info now, from deciphering diaper sizes to helping baby drift off to dreamland. Top searches revolve around learning (from baby wearing to baby bottles), getting advice (from travel tips to newborn baby hacks), and sneaking in some extra sleep! Help new parents survive the early days with tips to help them take care of their little ones and themselves.
  • Once mom hits her stride: It’s time to celebrate! Now that mom’s got the hang of things, she wants to have fun, get inspired, and make memories with her kiddo. Top searches revolve around baby fashionbaby photo ideas and development (like baby led weaning and crafts for toddlers). Join in the fun by curating creative ideas for photo opps, clever crafts, and cute baby outfits. (Bonus points if you can work baby leggings in—they’re up 80% over last year).

Remember that Pinterest drives baby-related traffic to other sites, and 65% of Pins lead to product sites like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. Highlight your products on Pinterest with clear, helpful descriptions and beautiful images that inspire clicks. You can also drive purchases from inside Pinterest with our Buyable Pins!

—Stephanie Kumar, currently saving ideas to​ Fashion I Shoes