Auto marketers reach car shoppers earlier on Pinterest

35% reach among people likely to buy a car in the next 6 months
Pinterest as a shopping aide

While one in four Pinners say cars are a passion3, these aren’t just tire kickers. Pinterest reaches 35% of people who are likely to buy a car in the next 6 months4.  

Kris Woolsey is among them. Woolsey knew she was in the market for a crossover vehicle, but wasn’t sure which make or model to buy. She started saving ideas to a board so she could learn about what she liked and find similar models. Using Pinterest to build her consideration set prepared Woolsey to make a purchase. “I think I'll feel a lot more confident going car shopping with the research done in advance, and with everything that I need to know on the Pinterest board,” said Woolsey.

Mobile “in-market” auto shoppers
17 m
Reaching car shoppers everywhere they go

There’s a good chance that Kris will reference her board when she’s at the dealer: 17% of Pinners have looked up Pins on their phones while shopping at a car dealership5. Our car shoppers are highly mobile and use their phones throughout the entire process. That’s great news for automakers, because Pinterest reaches 17 million mobile shoppers every month who are classified as “in-market” for a new vehicle6. That number includes women—who play a leading role in 85% of car purchases—and men7. In fact, Pinterest reaches more men than notable auto shopping destinations like CarGurus, MotorTrend, KBB and Edmunds. And since Pinterest offers a range of ad formats, from Search Ads to Promoted Video Pins, marketers can capture shoppers’ attention at every step of the car buying journey.

Creating even more opportunity for auto brands

More than 25 auto brands are already active on Pinterest, including Chevrolet, Kia and Toyota. In order to better understand and serve the industry, we’re excited to announce the opening of Pinterest Detroit. Our new office in downtown Detroit will support domestic auto campaigns, while existing offices in Los Angeles and New York serve import auto brands operating in the US. All three Pinterest teams look forward to sharing insights with automakers that will help them reach people ready to buy their next car.

If you’re an auto marketer looking to reach high-intent shoppers planning their next vehicle purchase, marketing on Pinterest can help accelerate your next campaign. Check out this board of helpful, actionable auto Pins to kick your content strategy into gear.

–Brian Monahan, saving to Rafts for Tahoe

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