August trend forecast: Apple fries, glitter freckles and hot hairstyles

Lady with glitter makeup

What’s old is new again

People are looking for ways to put a new stamp on classic recipes. For some Pinners, that means ketogenic recipes like this chicken crust pizza recipe—which has already been saved more than 12,000 times since it popped up on Pinterest a few months ago.

French fries are also getting a second look: people are ditching the potatoes in favor of fruits and veggies. We’re seeing saves rise for Apple Pie Fries (203,000 saves) and these savory Baked Asparagus Fries (250,000 saves).

Accessories for summer vibes

Sunglasses may be a summer staple, but they don’t have to be boring. Some of the top styles this season are mirrored lenses, rose gold glasses, tinted lenses, cat eye aviators and rims with flower trim.

Lightweight, effortless bags are also gaining steam. Particularly popular in Germany, this shopping-bag-turned-it-bag has been making waves across the Atlantic, and some styles even cost less than a cup of coffee.

Beauty gets whimsical

Glitter freckles are making their beauty mark this summer, especially on the festival scene. Saves up more than 85% year over year for this playful, colorful idea. For a more everyday look, people are saving natural makeup ideas that highlight their real freckles and skin, rather than covering them up.

Food tattoos are another fun trend that’s popular with Pinners right now. Saves are up more than 800% year over year in the US, and people are getting permanently inked with tiny popsicles, egg and bacon crossbones and their one true love—donuts.

Easy, breezy hairstyles

Pinners are looking to style their hair for outdoor activities like time at the beach and pool. Buns are trending up, with saves up more than 170% year over year. The bun style du jour is what the French call “macarons”—a.k.a double buns.

—Eric Wahlgren, currently saving ideas to 20th Street