Analytics Backup

We often hear from businesses who change their product and marketing strategies based on insights they learn on Pinterest.  For example, Lowe’s introduced a DIY-focused marketing strategy after learning that their “create-your-own-colorful-doormat” Pin got more than 200,000 repins. And UK-based Juniper Cakery came up with new cake design techniques after learning about their customers’ confection preferences through Pinterest analytics.

Well today, we’re excited to announce a new, smarter analytics tool to help businesses worldwide continue to improve how they work, with meaningful insights about what their customers are interested in.

Get the new Pinterest analytics to:

Discover how Pinterest works for you

See what people love most from your Pinterest profile and website, and how much traffic your site gets when you add the Pin It button.

Learn more about your audience

Explore new metrics about the people who engage with your business and what else they’re into. See your audience’s most common interests and what other businesses they follow, then tailor what Pins you add based on that.

Act on Pin insights

Get advice on how to increase impressions, clicks and repins so you can refine your Pinterest strategy and reach more people.

Get the new analytics

Once you have a business account, just go to or your Pinterest profile to see the new analytics. If you have any questions, please check out our Help Center.

We’ve gotten lots of great feedback about our analytics tool, and we hope this new version helps you improve how you do business—whether it’s updating your product offerings after seeing what’s popular on Pinterest, or changing how you pin based on what’s trending with Pinners. Thanks for trying it out!

— Jason Costa, currently Pinning to Monks