Advertising on Pinterest made easy

Most of the ideas on Pinterest come from businesses. Unlike other platforms, Pinterest makes it easy for people to welcome businesses who are sharing the actionable, relevant ideas that they’re hoping to discover. People come to Pinterest open-minded, and they’re ready to act when something exciting shows up. We’re working to make it even easier for businesses of any size to reach this receptive audience by making it simple to promote your Pins. Now, U.S. businesses can launch campaigns in just a few quick steps.

Build effective campaigns fast

When you’re running a business, time is limited, but we’ve made it easier to fit advertising on Pinterest into your busy schedule. Using the new Promote button you’ll see when you create a Pin or view it on your profile, you can set up a Promoted Pin in as little as 9 seconds.

And advertising on Pinterest will grow your business. While you may have already seen some great results after bringing your content to Pinterest, you could build on that success using Promoted Pins. Businesses typically see a 100% increase in their web traffic within a week of launching their first campaign.

Here are just a few stories from businesses who’ve seen great results using Promoted Pins:
  • Scoutmob, a curated lifestyle marketplace that celebrates independent makers, loves that people engage with their promoted content at the same rate as if it were organic. This behavior allows them to see returns that are 2x higher than on any other social channel.
  • BabyList, a new solution that lets expecting parents pick their perfect baby registry, saw a 70% increase in account signups and a 40% increase in revenue within the first 5 months of using Promoted Pins.
  • Ali Edwards, a service providing memory-keeping kits, makes good use of how visual Pins are to showcase their new designs and products. After using Promoted Pins, they saw an 80% increase in transactions.
  • Spot Color Art, a service that sells authentically handcrafted art, loves that they can reach more qualified customers using Pinterest. After starting Promoted Pins, their sales increased by 200%!
Get even better results with beautiful campaigns

The most successful Pins are always helpful, beautiful and actionable. We’ve created a new quick reference to help you create great Pins quickly and easily, so you can spend less time setting up campaigns and more time running your business.

Give these convenient new features a try today—select a Pin to promote from your profile!

—Vivian Chow, currently saving ideas to Awesome Accessories