A year of helping businesses grow with Pinterest Propel

Small business owners

Pinterest Propel helps businesses grow

For some businesses, self-service tools are enough. But we know that many companies prefer one-on-one support to help them get the most out of their time and marketing budget. A year ago we launched Pinterest Propel to help brands and agencies in the US and Canada get started with Pinterest Ads. Every participating business gets custom support, from account setup to creative strategies and campaign optimizations.

In the past year, Pinterest Propel has helped companies like artnaturals, Chatbooks, Craftsy and Hubble reach their marketing goals on Pinterest. And because every Pinterest Propel participant gets a custom marketing plan, they see really great results. Businesses using Pinterest Propel see up to 3x more clicks on their ads than businesses not in the program.2 They also see up to 15% lower costs per click in the first ninety days of the program.3 

More small businesses are on Pinterest than ever before

We’ve seen a lot of growth in our advertising business over the past year. That includes substantial growth in our small business category. Since 2017, we’ve seen a 50% year-over-year increase in small business advertisers on Pinterest.4  

We’re excited to announce that we recently hired Matt Hogle as our new Global Head of Small Business. Matt’s experience building sales and operations programs will help us develop several new programs geared to SMBs. “I’m excited to help small businesses grow on Pinterest,” Hogle said. “For companies looking for new customers, Pinterest is the perfect place to advertise, as people come here specifically to decide what to do or buy next.”

Want to try Pinterest Propel for yourself?

It’s free to join the program. Fill out our registration form, and our team will be in touch soon.

–Jon Kaplan, currently saving ideas to Classic Cars


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