A retailer’s guide to driving sales on Pinterest

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Targeting and placement recommendations

Reach people early

People use Pinterest to plan and search for holiday content 2x earlier than on other platforms. Consider launching your ad campaign earlier on Pinterest than other platforms to take advantage of this early planning mindest. For instance, The Home Depot moved their campaign for holiday decor on Pinterest up from November to October and saw increased sales during what was historically a quiet month.

Leverage your customer list

Reach existing customers on Pinterest by uploading customer emails or mobile IDs and matching them anonymously to your customers’ Pinterest profiles. Customer targeting helps you reach people likely to buy again, and engagement targeting allows you to encourage people who’ve already engaged with your content to take action.

Creative recommendations

Optimize for mobile

80% of Pinners use the mobile app.3 Tailor your font size to phone rendering to make sure your fonts are legible on small screens and design for a vertical aspect ratio. Ideal dimensions are 600 pixels x 900 pixels.

Seek to inspire

Develop holiday creative for Pinterest designed for all the people who come to Pinterest seeking inspiration. Use images that stand out and say something about what your brand has to offer.

Make your brand a resource

Some 72% of people come to Pinterest for tips on everyday life—so you can promote your brand’s products using informational creative that provides helpful recommendations.4 For instance, The Home Depot’s Promoted Pin for a tankless heater asked the question “Why go tankless?” and included four reasons consumers should consider buying the product

Measurement recommendations

Measure the right objectives

Sales come come from a variety of marketing activities, including building awareness, driving acquisition and  increasing retention. Make sure your results are tying back to your business objectives so that you’re gauging the true effectiveness of your advertising. Check out our measurement solutions.

Embrace earned media

Because people will save your Promoted Pins to their personal boards, your reach will go further than what you pay for. You’ll likely see earned media as other Pinners stumble on content from your campaigns.  

Look for incremental sales

Incremental sales clue you into whether you’re finding new or lapsed customers, or whether existing customers are starting to buy more items or shop more frequently. Our third party sales lift measurement partners can help you assess incremental sales for both online and offline channels.

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