A new way to buy CPM to reach people more efficiently

woman's hands typing on white keyboard

For many of the world’s largest advertisers, we’ve offered the ability to be seen by a broad audience and run campaigns that meet their business objectives. Today, we’re introducing CPM buying in the auction so that you can drive even higher performance for your ads.

Now you can bid on a CPM basis and we'll optimize how we deliver your ads to reach more people. You can also specify the maximum number of times someone sees your campaign. By using this new solution, you'll get more impressions for your campaigns at more efficient rates and drive higher results.

We've proven that Pinterest performs for a variety of businesses and drives double digit lifts in all brand metrics. In a recent study, consumer packaged goods advertisers saw on average 5x more in-store sales per impression than the industry average. That's why businesses like JCPenney, The Home Depot and General Mills are already taking advantage of our new auction CPM solution.

This new offering is available to all businesses in the US, UK and Canada now through Ads Manager and most Marketing Developer Partners. To get started today, try creating a new campaign in Ads Manager.

—Jenny Chiu, currently saving to Sicily 2016