A new way for Pinners to discover your articles

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Extending the life of your stories

Article Pins can help writers, media and other businesses reach new audiences, get more referral traffic and extend the lifespan of their content. On Pinterest, stories remain clickworthy and discoverable long after they’re published. Buzzfeed, for example, says Pinterest is a top referrer of traffic to their site, thanks to the Pin It button.

Here’s how it could work for you: Let’s say a Pinner is interested in getting healthier. They might save articles from your health site to a Healthy Living board and keep adding to it as they find health articles other people have Pinned. It doesn’t matter if a story is two weeks old or two years old — there’s a place for it on Pinterest.

Article Pins are part of rich Pins, our broader effort to make Pins more useful. We’ve already added recipe, movie and product Pins, which help Pinners get deeper information about the things they care about.  

Who’s Pinning

Our initial roll-out includes partners who write stories across a range of interests, including:  

Many of these sites have the Pin It button next to their articles, so it’ll be easy for Pinners to save things they’re reading or want to read.

You’ll see article Pins from more publications over the coming weeks. If you’d like to learn how to get this new look for your own articles, you can visit our developer site.

Happy Pinning (and reading)!

— Vikram Bhaskaran, currently saving ideas to Articles Worth Reading