A new profile to help people get to the good stuff

two phones pinterest profile page
See recent Pins up top

To help your profile stay fresh, now boards are sorted so the ones you’ve Pinned to most recently show up first. This means that seasonal content and of-the-moment Pins stay top of mind and easy to get to. And, if somebody misses one of your Pins in their home feed, they’ll still be able to see all your newest stuff when they visit your profile.

Explore your Pins by topic

Now you’ll see new topic filters that show the kinds of ideas you’ve saved most. This gives Pinners a way to poke around your profile and browse your Pins by theme—plus, it helps them get right to the types of things they care about.

So for example, if you’ve saved a ton of breakfast Pins to your recipe board, now Pinners can get cooking faster by filtering your recipes by "pancakes," "french toast," "eggs" and more. Don’t see the new profile yet? We’ll be rolling it out on Android and iPhone in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out!

—Caroline Belo, currently saving ideas to Sweet tooth