A new Pin It button that hovers

photo of lake trees mountains with pin it button on hover

You may have noticed that some businesses have custom Pinterest hover buttons for their site’s images, and we’re excited to tell you that we’ve finally made an official one!

The On Hover Pin It button is just like the regular Pin It button, but it only shows up when a person mouses over an image on your page.

People Pin to collect things they want to do in the future. Using the Pin It button often signals this intent, broadcasting people’s interests, goals and aspirations to their followers and driving new visitors to your site.

When someone uses the Pin It button, they’re often signaling this intent, sharing their aspirations, goals and interests to their Pinterest followers and driving new visitors to your content.

Hover buttons are a subtle reminder to Pin, so adding these buttons can lead to more Pinning and more referral traffic. These buttons can also match your site’s look and feel better.

Best of all: it only takes one line of code to get these buttons!

Want to add them to your site? Get started here.

You can definitely still use our regular Pin It button, and we think these new hover buttons are pretty nice, too!

— Jason Costa, currently saving ideas to Historic City Scenes