A head-to-toe look at our style stats

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Style trends may come and go (remember frosted tips?), but one trend is here to stay: Pinners use the platform to find looks that feel tailored just for them. 84% of female Pinners say that having a sense of personal style is important, and we’ve seen this come through loud and clear in the data.1 The top searches and saves from our 2017 Pinstyle report are full of ideas for accentuating hair colors, shapes and skin tones.

Whether they're browsing glitter eyeshadows or mom jeans, Pinners have helped propel women’s style into the third largest category on our platform.2 70% of them turn to Pinterest for style ideas at least once a week for 12 to 15 minutes at a time.3 And in 2016 alone, they searched for over 538 million style ideas and saved more than 2 billion of them!4

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But women aren’t just searching and saving, they’re also spending. Over the next 5 years, women’s apparel sales are expected to grow to more than $829 billion globally—and Pinterest is the perfect accessory for this booming industry.5

We recently crunched the numbers and found that compared to people who don’t use Pinterest, female Pinners are more inclined to buy new clothes, shoes and accessories. They’re also more likely to spend online and in store, making Pinterest an ideal place for retailers to reach savvy stylistas who are looking for a fresh look. For more insights about fashion and style on Pinterest, make sure to check out our full report.

Want more info on reaching style-lovers? Our retail series will teach you how to raise awareness, acquire customers and retain shoppers.


—Thea Carp, saving ideas to street style


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