A fresh look for your Pins

3 phones with 3 Pinterest Pin close ups

If you open up Pinterest on your phone today, you might notice a couple new things about your Pins. 

Pins have always been more than just images. They’re things to do, like recipes to try and articles to read, so now when you tap a Rich Pin to see it close up, you’ll see “Make it” and “Read it” buttons—and all other Pins will get a shiny new “Visit” button. (Don’t have Rich Pins? Learn how to set them up.) These buttons make it easier for people to tap away and take action on your Pins when they’re on a small screen.

Have a confirmed website? Starting today you’ll also notice that your logo (or any other image you’ve set as your profile picture) will show up on all Pins that came from your site, helping to put your brand front and center on more Pins. By tapping your logo, Pinners can then explore your profile.

We’re rolling out these changes on your Android or iOS app over the next week, and soon you’ll also see it on web. Just update the app to make sure you always have the latest version.