A closer look at making great Pins and boards

hand holding mobile phone with pinterest open

Want more dos and don'ts? Check out our detailed guide on how to make great Pins and keep these 3 things in mind:

Great Pins are helpful

People love using Pinterest to learn how to pursue their projects and interests, and it shows—informative Pins are up to 30% more engaging than other Pins. To make your Pins more informative, try adding advice, instructions or how-tos. You should write detailed descriptions to give people a clear idea of what the Pin is about, and play around with using some simple text on top of the image to quickly describe the Pin. 

Great Pins are beautiful

Use high-res, well-lit photographs and images, and take some time to think about the setting. For example, if you’re sharing a brownie recipe, the brownie could be shown on a kitchen table or with a simple white background. However, if you’re Pinning a sofa, you might want to show it in a living room to help Pinners better visualize how they could use that sofa.

Great Pins are tasteful

Be mindful of your branding as you’re adding text and logos. In general, Pinners are wary of Pins that look too much like ads, so avoid talking too much about your brand in the description, and don’t make your logo so big that it covers the image. 

Once you’ve mastered the art of making Pins, learn how to make great boards too: 

Create boards that show off your brand’s personality and appeal to your audience’s interests—don’t be afraid to Pin a wide variety of content, including stuff from other people.

-Liz Xiao, currently saving ideas to​ Sweets