Pinterest Ads now available in France

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Early success

For the past five years, we’ve had a dedicated team in France focused on two things: Building long-term relationships with French businesses, and making sure that Pinterest is offering content that’s focused on the right interests and topics for the French audience.

Thanks to this groundwork, we’ve been able to work closely with several French brands—such as GuerlainPicardTIPTOE, Louis Vuitton and Air France—to help them grow their businesses using Pinterest. So far, the results have been promising: they’ve used Promoted Pins to increase brand awareness and achieve their sales goals.

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Guerlain is a renowned French perfume, makeup and skincare company. For the launch of their new perfume, Black Perfecto, they wanted to engage with a unique audience that was already thinking about what perfume to try or buy next. They used Promoted Pins and Promoted Videos to target people who were in this mindset.

  • "Pinterest is 100% aligned with our branding objectives. The platform combines a powerful reach, targeting, context, in a highly-qualitative environment ensuring brand safety. Pinterest is a very relevant media platform, but also complementary with the other digital platforms that we advertise on."
    –Jérôme Grange, Head of Media, Guerlain

Picard is a leading frozen food company in France. A long-term Pinterest partner in France, it was a natural next step for them to use Pinterest Ads on top of their existing strategy. Using Pinterest Ads helped Picard reach an even more engaged audience.

  • "After two years of successful organic collaboration, we were excited to launch our first paid campaign on Pinterest and we did not hesitate once it became available. We are beyond pleased with the results!”
    Pauline Bellanger, Senior Community Manager, Picard

TIPTOE designs and sells modern, modular furniture. After noticing that people were discovering their brand on Pinterest, they decided to use Promoted Pins, the Save button and Rich Pins to reach active home decor shoppers, increasing orders by 95%. 

  • "Pinterest is a very valuable platform for brand discovery, delivering 2% of our referral traffic and 10% of our total orders." 
    Vincent Quesada, CEO and Co-Founder, TIPTOE

Next stop...

With this recent launch in France, Promoted Pins are now available in seven countries including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. France is the first non-English speaking country with access to Pinterest Ads and we’re working hard to deliver the best possible experience to French Pinners and partners. 

Queue up your campaigns

Whether you’re looking to reach people in France with your ads, or you’re a French business looking to use Pinterest Ads for the first time, now you can. Get started with Ads Manager today.

–Adrien Boyer, currently saving to Cooking