6 steps you need to take before launching your Pinterest ad campaigns

Image with a blank pin
Step 1: Create your business account

First things first: To use Pinterest ads you’ll need a business account. To do this, you have two options. You can either:

  1. Sign up for a new account
  2. Convert your existing account into a business account

Whichever you choose, we’ll automatically create an ad account associated with your business account. If you change your mind later and want to go back to a personal account, please send a note to our Help Center team.

Step 2: Find your audience and learn how they use Pinterest

There’s a lot of people on Pinterest, so narrowing down your audience is crucial.

If you already have a business profile, you can check out the Audience Insights tool to learn more about what your current audience is interested in.

Or, if you’re brand new to Pinterest, visit our Insights page to discover the different groups of people who are already on Pinterest and learn how to reach them.

Step 3: Pick a clear campaign goal

Businesses choose to advertise on Pinterest for many reasons: To build awareness for their brand, drive consideration of their products or increase their sales both online and off.

Before starting to work on your campaign, make sure you choose a clear campaign objective. This will help you determine the right direction for your creative and the types of ads you’ll want to run—not to mention, monitor success!

Step 4: Install the Pinterest tag to find people who are ready to buy

Make sure your Pinterest ads are driving the responses you’re after with the Pinterest Tag.

Once installed on your website, this short snippet of code makes it possible for you to track what people do on your website after clicking on your ad, so that you can retarget them to people you know are interested in your brand. Make your money work for you and reach a more qualified and relevant audience for your business.

Follow this guide to set up the Pinterest Tag on your website or watch our video.

Step 5: Create compelling creative

There are numerous tricks when it comes to creating Pins that people will want to click on.

For the full scoop, give our detailed list of creative best practices a read over or keep it brief with our tried-and-true tips below:

  • Keep Pins vertical, the ideal ratio for a Pin is 2:3—or 1000 pixels wide by 1500 pixels high
  • 80% of people use Pinterest on their cellphones, stop them mid-scroll with eye-catching imagery
  • Clear, straightforward copy performs best
  • Consistency is key, your Pin creative should match that of the landing page you’re sending people to
Step 6: Select a launch date

You’re almost there! Select a launch date for your campaign. Keep in mind that people use Pinterest to plan ahead. If you’re planning to reach Pinners around a key seasonal moment, like Halloween or New Years, you’ll want to get started early.

Use our possibilities planner to find the right time to reach your audience, then set your campaign date!

Still have questions? Get answers to all of your Pinterest ads related questions at our Pinterest Business Help Center.

–Lisa Fong, saving to keto delicious