5 steps to grow your ad campaign success on Pinterest

Step 1: Expand your targeting to reach more people

To scale your campaign on Pinterest, you’ll want to begin by broadening your horizons—literally. Reach more Pinners who may be looking for brands like yours by expanding the set of keywords or interests that you’re targeting.

For instance, if the interest “healthy eater” is performing well, consider adding other relevant keyword terms like “yoga” and “working out” or other related interest targeting. Just be mindful that any new targeting you apply is applicable to all ads in a specific ad group! An ad featuring imagery related to workout tips for women might feel misplaced if it was shown to men.

Another strategy to reach more people on Pinterest is to try audience targeting in Ads Manager. Audience targeting includes options like actalike targeting, customer list targeting, engagement targeting and more.

Step 2: Increase your budget

If you keep hitting your daily spend cap, it may be a sign that you haven’t allocated enough budget to reach everyone in your audience. Check your targeting and campaign setup to see who your ads are reaching, and adjust your budget accordingly to make sure that you’re reaching all the people who may be interested in your brand.

A helpful tip: We’ve found that advertisers can significantly scale their campaigns on Pinterest, without affecting ROI, by increasing their Pinterest spend to 5% of their total marketing budget.

Step 3: Give different Pinterest ad products a try

The saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply here. If you’re seeing success with the Pinterest ads you’re already running, test out different Pinterest ad products and features to accelerate your success. Looking to stand out from the crowd? Try Promoted App Pins or Promoted Video Ads. Or expand your targeting to reach people resembling your best customers using audience targeting. Sometimes the smallest adjustment can be just the thing to pique people’s interest.

Step 4: Take advantage of key seasonal moments on Pinterest

People on Pinterest are big-time planners. They use Pinterest to plan for moments both big and small. Whether it’s what to serve for their Thanksgiving feast or deciding on their New Year's resolutions, you can reach more people on Pinterest by advertising during key seasonal moments.

Download our possibilities planner to learn when people start searching for holiday ideas on Pinterest and how to reach them. From popular search terms to creative ideas, we’ve got your back.

Step 5: Rinse and repeat

That’s it! You’re now well on your way to hitting (and exceeding!) your advertising goals by using all of the features that Pinterest has to offer. Remember that scaling your ad campaigns is a process so be sure to check in on your metrics regularly and iterate on your strategy. Go forth and promote—you’ve got this!

Still have questions? Get answers to all of your Pinterest ads related questions at our Pinterest Business Help Center.

–Lisa Fong, saving to Australia