5 New Year’s resolutions Pinners are keeping

Resolution tracker

New Year’s resolutions are easy to make, but hard to keep. With the champagne toasts and countdown to midnight long behind us, we’re checking in to see which resolutions Pinners are sticking with and which didn’t make the cut.

New Year, new Pins

To prepare for the New Year, Pinners searched for a holistic approach to transform their body and mind. In the spirit of a fresh start they saved ideas for creating a better version of themselves with exercise, detox, meditation and healthy food. We saw an increase in Pins about these topics from Christmas to January:

Keeping promises

Pinners seem determined to keep their resolutions. Since January, Pins about several New Year’s trends continue to grow, indicating that Pinners remain focused on their original resolve.

Here’s what resolutions Pinners are sticking with:

  • Cloud bread increased 98%. Looks like this low-carb, gluten-free bread replacement is here to stay.
  • Detox tea increased 38%. Pins about detox and detox tea have increased overall, but notably both peak around holidays like St. Patrick's Day where overindulging may have occurred.
  • Hourglass workout increased 25%. Fitness continues to be top of mind throughout the year for Pinners, especially winter through spring as they prepare for bikini season.
  • Meditation space increased 23%. Take a deep breath in—Pinners are still devoted to creating a peaceful space for meditation.
  • Bullet journals increased 18%. This customizable organization system is keeping Pinners on top of their resolutions with a to-do list, sketchbook, notebook and diary all in one.

The takeaway: Help Pinners stay on track with their resolutions by providing fresh ideas and helpful advice related to these popular trends.

A change of plans

Even though Pinners are planners, they struggled to keep every resolution they intended to.

Take a look at the ones that fizzled out:

  • Jiu Jitsu decreased 43%. Sometimes growing trends are actually just small fads and it is clear that Pinners are no longer interested in this martial art—perhaps they’re too busy making cloud bread!
  • 21 Day Fix decreased 5%. This trend was only popular toward the end of the year when Pinners needed a quick way to look great during the holiday season.
  • Declutter decreased 61%. Decluttering is no longer a top priority for Pinners, which could mean a failed resolution or that Pinners have mastered the art of decluttering. Either way this once-popular trend is over.

The takeaway: Move on from promoting these fading fads, and instead look to future trends to get a jump start on what might be popular when the New Year rolls around again.

—Vaishali Parekh, currently saving ideas to surfboard