4 ways to win back Black Friday shoppers

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Black Friday has long been one of the most important days of the year for retailers—but signs indicate that doorbusters might be busted. According to a recent Accenture survey, 52% of people in the US say they’re less likely to shop in-store on Black Friday.1

While some people are hoping to avoid the crowds, others are planning to shop from the comfort of their couches. In fact, this is the first year that more shoppers say they’re planning to buy their gifts online.2 With great offers happening all year round, Cyber Monday seems to have lost its luster, too. In the same Accenture survey, 42% of respondents said they’re considering sitting out Cyber Monday.3

“Given constant discounts and promotions, today’s consumers are doing more of their holiday browsing all year long, which just might be the biggest competitor to Black Friday and those traditional holiday shopping days,” said Jen McIsaac, VP & GM Retail & Dining, Oracle Data Cloud.

But on Pinterest, excitement for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is still going strong. We’ve seen people save 45% more “Black Friday” Pins year over year, and 47% more “Cyber Monday” Pins.4 This means there are plenty of opportunities for retailers to reach “undecided” shoppers—people who haven’t decided whether they’ll be looking for their holiday goodies in store or online.

Tips for reaching undecided shoppers

Pinners are a valuable audience because they don’t just collect Pins and forget them, they also take action. Compared to people who don’t used Pinterest, Pinners spend 29% more.5 They also tend to buy things they’ve seen on the platform:6

  • 80% of Pinners have purchased beauty items they saw on Pinterest7
  • 72%, electronics8
  • 56%, tech items9
  • 50%, children’s clothes10

Want to get in on the action? Here are 4 ways to make sure your products find their way under the tree:  

1. Help shoppers do their homework:

Create campaigns that make buying a breeze... anywhere, anytime. 76% of respondents from the Accenture survey said they’re likely to shop for a product online before buying it in a retail store, so develop creative that encourages shoppers to research products online.11

On the flip side, you should also make it easy for folks at home to buy things that catch their eye in a store: 79% of respondents said they plan to visit a store to see a product before buying it online.12 To attract these Pinners, create Pins with clear calls-to-action so gifts are just one quick click away.  

2. Provide consumers with inspiring shopping ideas:

When it comes to being a gift giving genius, it’s 1% shopping and 99% inspiration. Inspired consumers tend to be better customers—they’re more committed to buying, and spend more than they originally planned. Even better, people want to be inspired: nearly ⅔ of the respondents in the Accenture survey said shopping would be easier if they could get gift ideas for holidays, special occasions and special someones (like people they don’t usually shop for).13 Over half of the respondents also put online wish lists on their wish lists, saying that they would improve their shopping experiences.14

⅓ of the survey respondents also said they’re planning on giving experiences, so to give Pinners some extra inspiration this holiday season, think about how your brand can help provide the ultimate “experience gift,” like a cooking class or a camping trip.15 Even if you don’t sell services like that, there are plenty of creative ways to help Pinners supplement their experience gifts (like, say...a cutting board or a tent).

Finally, keep in mind that for many people, cold hard cash is always a great option. 71% of respondents said they plan to purchase gift cards this holiday season, spending an average of $42 on each gift card.16 If you offer gift cards, make sure to let Pinners know through text overlays on your Pins and your landing pages.

“Retailers can win over consumers whenever they’re doing their online holiday research by helping them develop an emotional and inspired relationship with their brand and products,” said McIsaac.

3. Get mobilized

Many Pinners pull out their phones to look at Pinterest while they’re shopping in-store—for example, 56% of style shoppers use the app as they’re browsing in a store.17 Since 80% of Pinners use the platform on mobile, make sure that any campaign you run is optimized for shoppers on the go.18

4. Show up in search

Be aware of what people are searching for across Pinterest, and optimize your Pins and ads accordingly.

Black Friday search terms are all about gift giving, with searches like: black friday outfits, black friday makeup, black friday stores, black friday coupons, black friday promotions, black friday christmas gifts, black friday gifts, black friday beauty

Meanwhile, Cyber Monday searches revolve around getting the most bang for your buck: cyber monday deals, cyber monday sales, cyber monday tips, cyber monday ads, cyber monday promotions

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