4 ways Pinterest Ads help businesses reach their marketing goals

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Ian Leslie
Industry West
“As a result of our investment in Promoted Pins, Pinterest drove 77% more online conversions than social platforms and has become the second largest driver of traffic to our site overall.”

Promoted Pins helps drive brand equity. In an internal brand lift study comparing Pinners who’ve seen Promoted Pins to Pinners who haven’t, people who saw them had 40% greater awareness of new products and 50% higher purchase intent.

Businesses are acquiring new customers. We regularly hear from businesses who tell us they’re able to reach new audiences on Pinterest.

“Pinterest is a natural fit for our audience at Daily Burn—our daily live streaming workouts are beginner-friendly and don't require equipment, which translates well to Pinners searching for a fresh, new way to live a healthier and fit life," said Kevin Ranford, head of marketing for Daily Burn. "Using Promoted Pins allows us to reach new customers and further engage with our audience, enriching our community and adding another layer to our media mix.  We're very pleased with our resulting year-over-year increased traffic from Pinterest. We continue to optimize our creative to meet our goals and, as a result, we've improved our Pinterest CPA month-over-month.”

Promoted Pins last forever, driving efficiency over time. In an internal analysis of businesses with conversion tracking, we found that nearly 15% of conversions were from earned activity on Pinterest.

“A Promoted Pin, unlike most other ad formats, continues to drive sales even after the initial promotional campaign has ended,” Jake Kassan, CEO of MVMT Watches said. “This extended lifespan is really unique on Pinterest. On other platforms, once a campaign ends, your ads disappear until you restart them again.”

We’re proud of how Promoted Pins are working, and we’re excited to open them up to more businesses! Get started with Promoted Pins today!

—Nipoon Malhotra, currently saving ideas to​ Vacation Destinations