4 steps to improve your ad campaign performance on Pinterest

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Step 1: Open Ads Manager and view your reporting

You’ve successfully launched your ad campaign and are one step closer to reaching your goals on Pinterest! To make sure that you’re on the path to success, you’ll want to look at your current results and optimize accordingly towards your goal.

To see your campaign performance:

  1. Log in to Ads Manager by going to ads.pinterest.com
  2. This will bring you to the overview page. Here you can see an aggregate view of your campaign performance. Click on the objective you’d like to optimize.
  3. Once you click into an objective, you'll land in the reporting view, where you can see a detailed breakdown on a variety of different metrics. Toggle between "Campaigns," "Ad Groups," "Ads" and "Keywords" to see how various elements of your campaign are performing.

Step 2: Review your current performance

Now that you know where your metrics live, you’ll want to analyze how your campaign is stacking up—this will help you decide where your campaign needs improvement. To view a specific report, use the “Table” drop down menu.

Select “Overview” to see metrics tied to your campaign objective. Pinterest will highlight results that are relevant to the objective you selected for your campaign. For example, if you set up a campaign with either the goal of Brand awareness or Video views, you’ll see CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or CPV (cost per view) reporting. If you set up a campaign with either the goal of Traffic or App installs, you’ll see CPC (cost per click) or CPI (cost per install) reporting.

Click the pencil icon to customize your reporting table to see only the metrics that are important to you. Here you’ll be able to edit your view, save a report, override an existing reporting view or set a default reporting view. To see a custom report that you previously created, select your report name from the "Table" drop down menu.

Step 3: Optimize your campaign

With your goal in mind and a solid understanding of your performance, it’s time to make your ads work harder for you. To make things easy, here are some things to try based on the outcomes you want to achieve.

Increase delivery: If you're not spending enough of your budget or you’re behind pace, these tips can help you ramp up your volume.

  • Optimize or expand your targeting. Check to make sure that you’re not missing an audience (ex: you’re targeting people in the US, but your product may also be popular in Canada) and that you’re targeting all devices. Additionally, look for new opportunities to reach people who are interested in your content using Audience Insights.
  • Increase your bid. Check your bid guidance at the bottom of your ad group page to see if you’re competitive with how other advertisers are bidding.
  • Reallocate dollars to top-performing ad groups that are achieving their budget goals.
  • Look for ways to increase your clickthrough rate. Check to make sure that your Pin is high-quality and eye-catching (as detailed in our creative best practices), contains a call to action and that the content of your Pin resonates with the audience you’re targeting. If you want to update your creative, we recommend getting the ad with the new creative approved in ad review before pausing your campaign to avoid any downtime.

Improve performance: If you're pacing on track (or ahead!) for your budget, here are some tips you can try to boost your performance.

  • Shift dollars to ad groups with the lowest CPCs or CPAs to try and maximize their efficiency.
  • Try lowering your bids by small increments (10% to 15%) to see if you can spend more efficiently—and sustain the volume for less. Before making any changes, check your bid guidance at the bottom of your ad group page to see if you’re competitive with how other advertisers are bidding. You don't want to lower your bids too much, or you may no longer be able to deliver the same volume as before.
  • Segment your ad groups based on historical performance. For example, if you see certain devices with a lower CPA, break ad groups up to target different devices and customize your bids to those targets.

Optimize for clickthrough rates. Give your Pins a closer look and review the CTR for each. Then shift your budget to Pins with the highest CTRs to increase engagement and optimize for efficiency.

Step 4: Monitor your metrics

That’s it! Now that you've made your updates, it's time to keep an eye on how they're impacting your campaign. Visit Ads Manager frequently to keep a pulse on your metrics, and aim to optimize your campaign on a weekly basis.

Still have questions? Get answers to all of your Pinterest ads related questions at our Pinterest Business Help Center.

–Lisa Fong, saving to Succulents