3 ways to create better Pins

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Pins are a little like people you'd meet at a party. The most engaging ones tell a great story, make people laugh or add to the conversation.

It’s the same with Pins: the most popular ones have a winning combination of style and substance. Pinterest is a visual platform, so of course you want your Pins to look great—but you also want to pay attention to the details that draw people in, like compelling descriptions, relevant links and useful Rich Pin details.

Here are 3 ways to make your Pins stand out:

1. Make them beautiful

First, start with high-quality images. They should be crisp, clear and well-composed. Vertically-oriented Pins look best on mobile screens, so make yours stand up nice and tall, with a maximum vertical aspect ratio of 1:2.8.

Also be sure to minimize visual clutter: If you’re using multiple images in a single Pin (a great format for how-to Pins!), limit yourself to four or fewer. And if your image has a text overlay, keep it short and simple.

Tools that can help: Canva has over 100 layouts to help you create beautiful images, graphics and illustrations for Pinterest. ReciteThis is great for designing simple quote Pins, and Infogram and Piktochart can turn your vision into visually stunning charts and infographics.

Need more hands-on help? Check out the contractors on Fiverr.

2. Make them interesting

A beautiful image may catch a Pinner's attention, but a good description captures the imagination. The best descriptions set the scene and tell a story, helping Pinners envision what they could do with your Pin.

Be sure your descriptions are thoughtful, specific and timeless. Because Pins last forever, it’s best to stay away from temporary promotions. And remember that people often discover Pins through search, so the more specific you can be in the description, the more likely it is that your Pin will surface during searches.

Tools that can help: Check out our creative guide and best practices for additional ideas on how to make your Pins more compelling.

3. Make them useful and relevant

Each Pin is clickable and can drive traffic from Pinterest to your website. Make sure your links direct Pinners to a relevant landing page that picks up wherever a Pin leaves off.

You can make your Pins even more useful by turning them into Rich Pins—perfect for recipes, products, places, articles, movies and apps. These special Pins include extra details like cooking ingredients, product prices and maps.

Tools that can help: Our Marketing Developer Partners (MDP) can help you grow by getting relevant, interesting content out in front of your audience.

—Jen Lee, currently saving ideas to​ It's morphin' time!