3 tips to boost your Pinterest campaign performance

Quick tips

1. Set up event tracking

After installing the Pinterest Tag, you can add an event code to track specific conversion events on your website, like page visits, signups or check-outs. Adding event tracking will help you to maximize your ad dollars, regardless of your objective.

2. Add Enhanced Match

With Enhanced Match, you can see additional conversions by tracking website actions cross-device and when there’s no Pinterest cookie present. It does this by passing secure, encrypted user data securely through the Pinterest Tag. Enhanced Match is important for accurately tracking ad performance and measuring ROAS.

3. Pass back Product ID data:

The Pinterest Tag can also help you refine your targeting strategies and build new audiences. Set up Product ID Passback to do Dynamic Retargeting of Pinners who’ve already shown interest in topics or products on your site.

To get the most out of your Pinterest campaign, get started with the Pinterest Tag.


—Ali Pulver, saving to Wanna live there