3 online businesses using Pinterest to increase sales

pin close up shana cardigan from curator
See what’s popular and keep items in stock

One of the toughest things to do when you’re an online business is to manage your inventory. If done well, you’ll keep your most popular items in stock and decrease excess inventory.

NanaMacs, a woman's boutique, adds new product Pins regularly from their website and also displays the Pin It button on their site’s product pages.

After tracking popular Pins from the website, NanaMacs was able to anticipate their customers’ needs and have plenty of stock on hand for purchases.

“We have Pins from over a year ago that are still trending very well, and we sometimes bring those items back again for customers who may have missed out previously,” said Suzy Hinkley, owner.

Boost sales with analytics and Rich Pins

Last November, husband and wife entrepreneurs Melissa and Rick Hinnant brought Grace and Lace boot socks to the TV show Shark Tank. A Pin of their boot socks spread across Pinterest like wildfire and helped spark their business. 

They used Pinterest Analytics to track how changes in their Pinterest strategy —like verifying their website or renaming their boards—were working out. “The launch came at the perfect time for us to be able to track in a meaningful way if the changes we made were having an impact,” said Chris Cowden, Operations Lead.

In July, Grace and Lace had an average of 5,600 viewers to their Pinterest account and by September they averaged 561,465 viewers.

“We’ve also seen these Pins convert to purchases on our website,” Cowden said.

They added Rich Pins to their site, hopeful that the email notifications Pinners receive when Rich Pins drop in price would help more people go from Pinner to customer. In just two weeks, they’ve seen Rich Pins increase traffic by 38%.

Link your online presence to your Pinterest

Curator, an SF-based clothing boutique, started using Pinterest after a customer walked into their store and set up an account for them.

“I have been hooked ever since and it’s been a game changer,” said Deirdre Nagayama, co-owner.

When Curator launches a product in Bigcommerce, they make sure to Pin it right after since it’s just as important as getting the product image online on their website. Online sales from Pinned products are up 30%.

“We launch new products, gauge interest on future styles and use that feedback when we submit orders to product manufacturers,” said Nagayama.

“We even communicate with our sales rep via secret boards to show styles, colors and moods for upcoming seasons. They Pin suggestions for us and we comment back and forth this way,” Nagayama said.

I hope these real business stories were helpful.

We recently worked with Bigcommerce to enable Rich pins for their online stores. If you’re interested in making your Pins more shoppable with Rich Pins, apply for them on your website.

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