2017 travel trends: Top destinations, and how to be there before they book

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Pinterest 2017 standout travel trends budget travel +500%, +72% family vacations

Planning takes off on Pinterest

Pinterest is a hot spot for travel with an average of 2 million saves per day. It’s one of our top 10 categories with a total of over 3 billion travel-related ideas. The planning process (where, how and what) starts to rise in January, and peaks in June when we see an average of 4 million saves a day.

Pinners save ideas to general travel boards, or boards that are specific to a topic like family travel, or a destination like Kyoto, Japan. But it’s more than a bunch of pretty pictures—people use Pins to make informed decisions. According to a recent study, travel-focused Pinners click through Pins to read articles and watch videos to learn more about the subject. When they find something interesting, they share ideas by sending a Pin or collaborating on a group board.  

This year’s travel trends

One of the top New Year’s resolutions in 2016 was “live life to the fullest,” so it’s no surprise that travel habits are becoming more adventurous and personalized. Obstacles that once prevented people from traveling, like high costs and limited accommodations, are falling away. Cheap flights allow for spontaneous weekend trips. Access to private homes through online booking services make it easier for families to get away. And no one wants to be weighed down with heavy luggage so they’re packing light.

So where’s everyone going this year? The Pinsights team used the most-saved destinations from the end of 2016 to determine the locations people were most interested in exploring as they planned their 2017 travel. Here are the top 10 results.

Pinterest Top Travel Destinations 2017

How to reach the right people at the right time

For businesses, there are opportunities to connect with Pinners throughout the customer journey.

  • Inspire travelers according to their mindset. Different types of travelers use Pinterest to plan, from budget backpackers and honeymooners, to family travelers and luxury jet-setters. Create Pins with their style of travel in mind, targeting the corresponding interests and keywords.

  • Reach wanderlusters when they’re planning. Nearly 80% of travel-related searches are for specific destinations, so use keyword-based targeting and offer up local lodging, dining and activity options.

  • Think beyond travel. Even if your business isn’t in the travel industry, you can get in on the fun, too. When people are in a travel mindset, they’re planning every aspect of their trip—budget, luggage, gadgets, wardrobe—so create Pins that go beyond the destination.


— Xenia Nosov, currently saving ideas to Round the world