2016 Flavor Report: The top 10 flavors on Pinterest

Grid with 6 images Pinsights flavors
Secret weapon spices
Tropical twists
Sneaky substitutions
Herbs get creative
A new spin on sweets
  • Coffee liqueur (+110%) adds a spike to desserts like tiramisu shots. Paired with cinnamon, it transforms into a creamy cocktail.
  • Tapioca (+80%) is venturing beyond boba and making a cameo in banana crepes.

Working these flavors into your Pins should be easy as pie. Here are some tips to get started:

1. Inspire home chefs with Rich Pins that show how to make a recipe. Pins with how-to instructions drive an 80% higher save rate!  

2. Spice up your Pin descriptions with flavor keywords. Whether you’re sharing recipes or showcasing your products, compelling descriptions help Pins index higher in Pinterest search.

3. Work some of the top 10 flavors into your keyword targeting strategy to reach people who are searching for ways to try the trends.

4. Go organic–organic traffic, that is. Use Pinterest Analytics to track your Pins’ organic performance, then promote your top-performing Pins.

–Thea Carp, currently saving to soup addict