200 million people looking for new ideas

200 million people looking for new ideas

When Pinterest launched in 2010, it was amazing to see how many people visited the site to find new ideas for their lives. Every year, the number of people coming to Pinterest to discover and explore their own interests and tastes keeps growing. We've learned that a service that sparks curiosity and a desire to try new things has global appeal. All over the world, people use Pinterest every day to discover and do the things they love.

We're proud to announce more than 200 million people now use Pinterest every month. That’s 200 million people discovering new possibilities and trying them in their real lives, from Boston to London to Seoul. We’ve grown nearly 40 percent since last year, and more than half of all Pinners live outside the U.S.—if Pinland were a country, it’d be the 7th largest in the world!

Businesses like yours have helped build Pinterest’s giant collection of more than 100 billion ideas. Now 200 million people are discovering and trying those ideas, giving you a huge opportunity to reach new customers. But it’s not just about the number of people—it’s about what they like, how they use Pinterest, and how you can reach them.

Pinners’ interests are expanding, resulting in more Pins, boards and brands across key categories.

  • Food: We’ve seen a 46% year-over-year increase in people saving food-related Pins to Pinterest, the largest mobile destination for food.

  • Financial services: There’s been an 85% increase in financial services-related Pins saved since the beginning of the year.  

  • Auto: People have saved nearly 46% more auto-related Pins in just the last five months. More than 25 auto brands are already active on Pinterest.

And we’re making it easier to reach your audience in the ways you want. We’re adding new formats like Promoted Video with autoplay, ads targeted to search, Promoted App Pins, and additional measurement options with our data partners. We’ve also launched Pinterest Propel, a program created to support businesses and agencies new to advertising on Pinterest.

Thanks for your partnership in helping us create a platform that provides real value to people’s lives. This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to build an ever bigger Pinterest with you.

—Jon Kaplan, saving ideas to Sneakers