175 million people discovering new possibilities on Pinterest

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On Pinterest, every Pin is a possibility that gets people thinking about what to do next. That’s why people love Pinterest—it helps them explore their personal taste, break from routine and try new ideas.

And as more people discover the magic of Pinterest, our community keeps growing. We now have 175 million monthly active users around the world. That’s 25 million more than back in October!  

Much of our recent growth comes from international markets, where word is spreading fast about Pinterest’s unique blend of utility and inspiration. For example, we’ve seen 3x year over year growth in Germany and Brazil and 2x year over year growth in France and Japan.

Year over year growth in Germany and Brazil
3 x
Year over year growth in France and Japan
2 x

We’re excited about these updates for many reasons. First: more people means more ideas. Since a lot of our content comes from Pinners saving their favorite ideas from around the web, an expanded audience means that additional content comes onto the platform.

This growth also means more opportunities for brands to reach their audience on Pinterest. As we continue to grow faster than ever, we’re adding new business programs too. Recent initiatives include bringing ads to new markets, launching Promoted App Pins and introducing Pinterest Propel, our new program for small businesses and agencies.

We truly appreciate all that you do to make Pinterest great for Pinners. Thanks for being here with us!  

—Jon Kaplan, Head of Global Partnerships, currently saving ideas to For the Home