10 ways to make your video ads stand out on Pinterest

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The border break

This technique can be easily accomplished by slightly shrinking your creative to allow for some marginal white space—and in turn, letting elements bleed across those edges to create the feeling of perspective. In some cases, this technique can be used to create space for your creative to move, shake and rattle within the feed.


The portal

This technique uses perspective to create additional dimensions to animate within. Receding or pivoting motion creates an illusion of depth that people or objects can emerge from. By combining a few different perspectives, you’ll create a dreamy, captivating Pin.

Cocktails gif

All of the “breakthrough” video techniques leverage existing motion treatments available on a range of video editing software.

Ready to create a “breakthrough” video? Start ideating with your motion design team, or let one of our creative partners lend a hand.

Check out the Breakthrough Video Board for inspiration!



—Scott Ex Rodgers, saving to Boat Stuff


1Pinterest internal data, Global, April 2020 vs. April 2019

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