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Finding new and unique ways to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day can feel like a lot of pressure. We want to show our gratitude, but often feel like we’re coming up short. Many people turn to Pinterest for fresh ideas to make mom feel special. Altogether, 33 million Pinners have saved 252 million Mother’s Day related Pins.

There are two sides to this equation: Mom herself, and the people shopping for a gift. Roughly 70% of US moms are active on Pinterest, where they spend an average of 124 minutes per month. Pinterest is where moms search for and save the things they want to buy, see, do and explore. That means that scanning Mom’s Pinterest boards can give people a pretty good sense of what’s on her mind—the perfect intel for a meaningful gift or celebration.

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Mother’s Day searches and saves begin to climb mid-March...

Since people use Pinterest to find new ideas, we get a sneak peek at emerging trends. Searches and saves give us a look at what’s heating up...and what’s cooling down.

Our insights team regularly looks at search and save patterns to pinpoint what’s growing in popularity over time. Starting now, we’ll post monthly snapshots of what’s making waves on Pinterest, from emerging fashion trends to the latest food craze. You can use these insights to develop timely content so you reach Pinners who are in the market for these ideas. Even if your business doesn’t handle the categories below, you can get creative inspiration from these trends–and maybe find some cool new ideas for your own life, too.  

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Award show season got people searching for fun takes on popcorn, from caramel marshmallow to garlic parmesan. People tend to watch the big winners...

Pinners have a huge appetite for video: 75% say they’re likely to watch videos about topics that interest them, compared to 55% of people on other platforms. Since we launched Promoted Video last year, we’ve seen brands try a range of content strategies. To test which videos work best, we ran a study on 29 Promoted Video campaigns that ran during the same four month period. Our analysis looked at closeups, completion rates and engagement patterns.

We found that two types of content work best: storytelling and how-to’s. Storytelling videos bring brands or products to life, while how-to videos provide guidance and instruction. Both kinds of content performed well regardless of a brand’s category. This shows that brands should develop their content strategy based on specific marketing goals, rather than assuming a specific type of video is right for their line of business. Here’s how to decide:


Food is our largest category on Pinterest with 15 billion Pins and counting. Last year we saw a 24% increase in Pinners who engage with food content and a 21% increase in food Pins. People are always hungry for inspiration so they turn to Pinterest to discover new ingredients, evaluate recipes and try new ideas.

Because people use Pinterest to plan, we often get a first look at emerging trends. Search, save and click patterns are like a window into consumer behavior, giving us early insight into what’s popping up on plates across the country. Every now and then we dig into that data, looking for hints about upcoming trends and Pinner cravings. This time, our Insights team looked at save data to see what’s over-indexing in each state, relative to the rest of the country. Here’s the scoop on which dishes and ingredients are disproportionately popular in each state...

Over 150 million people a month use Pinterest to plan everything from tomorrow’s lunch to next year’s round the world adventure. People love saving and searching for inspiration on Pinterest. Discovering ideas is easy here because everything’s visual, including search results. Even when they can’t put it into words, people know a good idea when they see it.

Today, we're excited to introduce Search Ads on Pinterest: a new way to connect with people searching for your products and services. We’re rolling out a full suite of features, including Keyword and Shopping Campaigns that are shown in search results, along with powerful new targeting and reporting options. And we’re continuing with our ongoing commitment to promote relevant content that makes Pinterest better for everyone.

Here's some of what makes Search Ads on Pinterest so effective:

Pinterest is visual

We have over 75 billion Pins...