Ad formats

Bring your brand story to life

With Pinterest’s innovative ad formats, you can help Pinners find useful, everyday ideas while building branding equity in the process.

Promoted Pins

You can pay to promote any Pin you create so it’s seen by more people. Any business with access to the Pinterest Ads Manager can buy this standard ad format to support all of your marketing goals, including awareness, engagement and traffic.

Cinematic Pins

A made-for-mobile animation, Cinematic Pins use eye-catching motion to promote your brand’s presence on Pinterest. These thumb-stopping Pins are true crowd-pleasers for Pinners and have been proven to help build your brand.

Promoted Video Pins

One of the best tools for bringing ideas to life is video, so it’s no surprise this format has been popular on Pinterest. We've coupled Promoted Video with featured Pins below the video, so your brand gets more than just views. Promoted Video is available to Fortune 500 advertisers.

One-tap Pins

With just one tap, these Pins take people straight to the source where the content originated from. This makes it simple for Pinners to do more—like learn about your product and complete a purchase—right on your business site. One-tap Promoted Pins are currently being tested by some of our highest-performing advertisers.

Promoted App Pins

We’re always experimenting with new ways to make it easy for people to discover great ideas and act on them, too. With Promoted App Pins people on Pinterest can discover and then download iOS apps directly from the Pin. 

Ready to get started?

Any business with access to the Pinterest Ads Manager can take advantage of Promoted Pins. Whether your goal is to build your brand, increase in-store sales, drive online actions or boost traffic, it’s simple to get started today. Learn more about how to promote your Pins, or visit Pinterest Ads Manager to get started today.