Quick ways to promote your Pins

Promote your Pins quickly, without the complexity of building a full campaign. Tools to promote single Pins are available on desktop and within the Pinterest app. When you use our mobile tools, it’s even easier to get ads set up in a flash—and on the go. Plus, you can always check within the app later to monitor your ads’ results. 

Create an ad in four easy steps

1. Pick a Pin to promote
2. Choose your targeting
3. Set your budget and ad duration
4. Publish your ad

Measure and monitor on the go

Check your performance anytime, anywhere. Just open the Pinterest app to see metrics like impressions, clicks and how much you’ve spent. 

For a deeper dive into more complex reporting, head to Ads Manager on desktop. You can also use Ads Manager to create full campaigns, build more advanced targeting and download performance reports.  

Need more help getting started? Check out our detailed instructions for mobile tools and desktop tools.

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